Building Trust and Recognition of U.S. Real Estate Standards in Serbia


Over the span of 3 days in March 2015, President of the Central European Real Estate Associations Network, CEREAN, Nikos Manomenidis and trainer Miltos Apostolidis, both IRPF consultants, participated in a successful program in Serbia called Building Trust and Recognition of U.S. Real Estate Standards funded by the Reaume Foundation. The program offered 34 participants the necessary training and tools to become more competent in the real estate market and advance their careers and personal objectives. All participants were members of the Serbian Real Estate Cluster, or Klaster Nekretnine.

Founded back in 2010, with the collaboration of ten real estate companies and the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia, the Serbia Real Estate Cluster is a non-governmental non-profit organization which contributes to the development of the real estate market in Serbia. It consists of 17 agencies that are the best and most influential agencies in country from different cities.

On the first day of the program, delegates arrived in Nis, Serbia and received a detailed itinerary of interviews, press conferences, and workshops.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the first official copy of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of Realtors was distributed to all members.  The day concluded with members enjoying dinner together.

The following day started off with a business meeting with Nis, Serbia City Council Member, Mr. Srđan Aleksić. In this meeting, Aleksić noted the real estate potential of several cities, and how to keep that market growing. Next during a press conference, Manomenidis expressed to the Regional Chamber of Economy of Nis the importance of establishing trusts amongst agents, sellers, buyers, and the community—to stimulate real estate development. The day continued with an informative session of IRPF and CEREAN for 34 Serbian Real Estate Cluster agents; participants learned IRPF’S mission, history, and its role in development.

Later in the day, Nikos Manomenidis, Miltos Apostolidis and Dr. Slaviša Pešić gave a live TV interview. Topics covered in the interview were the role of trust among the real estate partners in the market, the activities of CEREAN, the fundamentals for international collaborations, and the role of ethics between agents.

The final day of the program included a series of three workshops:


The workshops served as vehicle for participants to gain insight on the inner-workings of advantageous ideas to implement for their real estate market.

At the close of the program, Nikos Manomenidis awarded to all participants Certificates of Completion.

This training activity achieved great success because in addition to having increased program participants’ knowledge about out Code of Ethics, representation and listing, CEREAN and Klaster Nekretnine entered into a partnership to hold two real estate events in 2015.  It is also anticipated that at least 10 professionals from Serbia will become NAR International REALTOR Members.



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