IRPF’s Train-the-Trainer Programs Result in 2 Regional Networks Able to Train and Generate Income

Macaluso (second from left) with participants of the Train-the-Trainer course in Romania

In May and June of 2011, IRPF delivered Train-the-Trainer courses through two regional networks, the Central European Real Estate Associations Network (CEREAN) thanks to a grant awarded to IRPF from the Leonard P. Reaume Memorial Foundation and the East African Regional Real Estate Training Center (EARRETC) with USAID funding.

Macaluso and Giumenta with student Grace Wakaba of the Train-the-Trainer course in Kenya

Instructor Tony Macaluso traveled to Romania at the end of May to conduct a Train-the-Trainer course for nine CEREAN member participants. The course involved five days of instructor training with an emphasis on classroom participation, one-on-one instruction and individual presentations. Macaluso reported positively on the group trained saying that “presentations were remarkably good for the majority of students,” and that “overall this class of students performed as good or better than former Train-the-Trainer classes we had conducted.”

As a result of the program, Instructor-Participants are qualified to teach future CEREAN International Real Estate courses, which Macaluso previously taught in the region, in order to expand the professional concepts throughout Central/Eastern Europe without incurring the costs of hosting an overseas instructor. With the cadre of professionals trained to become trainers, CEREAN will create the CEREAN Real Estate Institute using a revenue model that will benefit not only the trainer delivering the program, but also the professional developing the curricula and the association which offers the training.  Such an outcome is exactly what IRPF wants to achieve: providing CEREAN with the tools to advance their goals in the region and allow the association to deliver additional value-added services to members, while generating income.

Macaluso along with instructor Ric Giumenta delivered the same course to 17 participants in Kenya at the end of June. Participants included advanced real estate professionals with an interest in teaching from Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. The Director of the EARRETC commented that participants were very pleased with the trainers and content and were all very excited with the learning and networking that took place. The instructors were impressed by the quality of students in Kenya and Macaluso reported:

“We were surprised and impressed that each student’s first presentation was at a level much higher than in other classes. They were willing to take risks and try unfamiliar methods with great enthusiasm. After we showed the students how to use the equipment and materials, they demonstrated great creativity and used much of the equipment and materials available to them in their presentations. Both Ric and I felt confident that the top 11 students, given topical materials, could continue training their fellow members and bring them up to meet new levels thereby developing education programs to meet the needs of a growing market and profession.”

Among student feedback were the comments, “I am excited, thrilled and wish to share these [lessons] with younger surveyors,” and “I liked the fact that though I didn’t know what to expect, I was engaged all the time and felt the effect of the lessons on my mind set by the end of the course.” Participant-instructors will either develop curricula or teach one course pro-bono in order to develop their skills and establish a local talent and course content in East Africa.



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