Empowerment from a Crowd: The 2016 Bank of Chicago Marathon

Photo Credit: running.competitor.com

On Sunday, October 9th, after months of preparation, runners from all over the world took to the Windy City’s downtown area for the 2016 Bank of Chicago Marathon. The first wave of runners began at 7:30 in the morning, with the final competitor crossing the finish line after 9 hours, 47 minutes, and 36 seconds.  Among the sea of participants was the International Real Property Foundation’s Managing Director, Sylvia Luchini, as she competed as a first-time contender in this year’s marathon.

I am proud that I had the chance to run for IRPF,” stated Luchini, “I ran a total of 27.1 miles in 4 hours, 16 minutes, and 32 seconds.

Sylvia Luchini during Sunday’s marathon.

When asked about a memorable part of her marathon experience, she couldn’t help gushing over the crowd. “The energy of the crowd was amazing,”  Luchini continued, “everyone from the young to the very old were cheering as we passed by. The masses of people lining the streets helped runners by giving out handkerchiefs, water, fruit, or candy when our bodies were tired and hurting.”  Luchini went on to attribute the assistance of the marathon crowd as a large factor in making the completion of the race more attainable for runners.

Photo Credit: Emerson Granillo

It may be metaphorically implied that Sylvia Luchini’s race experience correlates with her recent online fundraising efforts.  During the weeks leading up to the Chicago Marathon, she has been accepting monetary contributions toward Running for Rights, a cause geared toward helping people in the developing economies of countries such as Uganda, Bolivia, and Romania.  Luchini has helped to unlock the potential of entrepreneurs when property rights are sold, rented or leased, which drives the economy and generates jobs.  Just like the Chicago Marathon’s energized crowd supported its runners, Luchini has been an icon in the assistance and support of countless communities all over the globe.

The Running for Rights fundraising page is still open. Click the link to make a contribution toward helping people in developing economies. https://npo.justgive.org/runningforrights


Article By: Ambrosia Maddox, IRPF Communications Specialist

A Glimpse of the AREA-Uganda Women Council Workshop


The AREA-Uganda Women Council Workshop took place on the morning of August 25th, 2016, at the Fairway Hotel.  The theme of the workshop was ‘CLOSING BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS’ and featured content including: closing deals on rentals, closing deals on property management, and closing deals on property sales with emphasis on selling, marketing, and negotiation skills.  The workshop attracted a whopping 59 participants (all of whom contributed UGX 20,000) from an array of professions including: lawyers, quantity surveyors, interior designers, bankers, and property agents.

Ms. Clothilda Nakimbugwe, the Chairperson of AREA-Uganda Women Council (WC), officially opened the workshop, while the facilitators who presented the workshop were Mr. Kasirye Allan (Head of Marketing at Namulondo Investments) and Mr. Mutebi Edward (Head of Sales at Canaansites Limited).

Clothilda Nakimbugwe (Chairperson of AREA Uganda Women Council)

Ms. Phiona Lwanga served as the moderator as well as a reader during the workshop, relaying remarks said by Ms. Sylvia Luchini of IRPF in the USA. The conclusion of the event included closing remarks by Ms. Hazeda Kirunda, the Publicity Secretary (WC).

Hazeda Kirunda (Women Council Public Secretary)

Participants provided feedback on the implementation of the workshop which included suggestions such as: The Women Council should organize such a meeting at least once a year and have focus areas that will be beneficial to women; more women from different professions should be invited to participate in the Women Council events; and a sufficient amount of time should be allocated to share experiences on topical discussions by the participants.


Between the remarks of the speakers and the participants’ feedback, it’s safe to say that The Women Council workshop will continue to be a successful endeavor in the future.



Article By: Ambrosia Maddox, IRPF Communications Specialist